Cedar Rapids Maternity Photography Session by Ali Kerr Photography


The fleeting moments of summer were beautifully captured in this Cedar Rapids Maternity Photography session This beautiful family did an amazing job celebrating their baby to be with this gorgeous sunset  on a warm summer night. Sunset is the most beautiful time of day, especially for maternity and family sessions! You can almost feel the love radiating between the members of this sweet family! Nothing beats that warm summer glow in the Cedar Rapids air.

Finding the Right Location for your Cedar Rapids Maternity Photography Session

Finding the right location is key during sessions. This beautiful Cedar Rapids Maternity Photography session was no different. We were able to find the perfect location Finding a location that has the perfect background to match the mood, lighting, outfit choice, and family dynamics is not always an easy task. Utilizing one of the dresses such as this one in my client closet is one of the easiest ways to ensure I find the perfect composition for your maternity portrait session. This momma loves the color purple and we were able to find the last blooming lilac bush in the area for this site. Composing portraits based on preferences is one of my favorite tasks for Cedar Rapids maternity photography sessions. We have some beautiful hidden locations in the corridor. I have quite a few favorite locations throughout Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and Marion. We choose your location not only based on where you live, but also the theme of your home, colors you like, and scenery that you love. If you have any special places I am always open to exploring your favorite locations in the area. Scouting locations in the corridor is a favorite pastime of mine. This allows me to come up with a unique locations that other photographers in the area have not found. Another task is finding the right location to entertain the smallest members of your family. Ensuring we are in a safe location with distractions easily accessible is a great way to do this. Continue reading below to see how I keep the your little ones entertained behind the scenes.

Keeping the Littles Entertained During your Cedar Rapids Maternity Photography Session

Entertaining children behind the scenes and behind the lens is one of the most important jobs I have while taking family, maternity, or milestone portraits. I have to keep a fun environment going so the children do not lose interest in the session. During this Cedar Rapids maternity photography session we played with bubbles, blew on daffodils, rolled in the grass, ate treats, and played with her stuffed animal. Her stuffed animal was even able to take some of her photos! 

Choose Your Gown for Your Cedar Rapids Maternity Photography Session

Not all clients choose to utilize my client closet. I will walk you through how to coordinate outfits if you choose to wear your own gown or dress. I have an entire guide that will come with your welcome packet when you book a session with me. When you book a session, you will have full access to all of the beautiful, couture maternity gowns I have acquired over the years. I am not aware of many other local photographers that offer these gowns for their Cedar Rapids maternity photography sessions. I don’t want you to have to purchase some gown you will never wear again for a photoshoot, especially when the beautiful quality gowns can cost upwards of eight hundred dollars. If you do not find what you are looking for, we can always order something in. Being that we may need to order a dress, I suggest we book your maternity session as soon as possible, but no later than 28 weeks. I aim for taking maternity portraits between 30 and 36 weeks.

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