Corridor Small Business Spotlight

What is your corridor small business spotlight?

My small business spotlight is one of the ways I want to give back to the community. I want to feature local businesses to give them a new audience they might not have and gift a couple portraits to businesses for their social media. I plan to every month feature a different type of business in the area. Each month there will be features such as February featuring black business owners, or in April featuring Deaf business owners. The midwest is all about community. In times like this, we need community more than ever. Big and small businesses are disappearing from our communities. We need to rally together, boost each other up, and offer support to one another in the ways we can. I feel like ta shift to supporting local, small business owners is coming. Let’s work together to be the driving force for this within our community.


Why I feature other corridor businesses.

Cedar Rapids Family Session

Alisse and Kyle French – Local Church Plant

In looking back at 2020, I have had some realizations about small businesses in the corridor. We need to create a community of support between the small businesses in the area. One of the best ways to do this is by sharing their names and offering some assistance in the unique ways we are able.  For me, that is a small gift of a couple portraits and a feature to my audience. 


How do you get your corridor small business featured?

 Each week I will be featuring a small business in the corridor. Every Saturday I will be posting about your small business, promoting it on social media, and encouraging others to support local. Find my Facebook, Instagram, or Blog post and comment that your business would like to be featured. Leave your website or a link to your social media. We will touch base to set up a time to take headshots, some samples of your workspace or products you make, and do a quick interview for your feature. I will let you preview the post, and put your final stamp of approval on it before it is featured on Saturday. This will be ongoing for all of 2021. I would love to feature your local business. The only requirement is that your business is located within, or serves the corridor area. From dance studios, to local artists, hair stylists, to bakery owners. Each month look for your opportunity to be featured!

Where your business will be featured?

The bulk of the feature will be in the blog post. This is where we will do a large post to showcase what it is that makes your business special. The blog post will showcase your images as well.  

Instagram allows a large audience to view your business. This is a potential opportunity to get a lot of new eyes on your business and find some potential new customers! 

Facebook is another platform that allows for a lot of views, but also a good amount of information about your business to be shared. There can be a lot of different ways Facebook  will help grow awareness of your brand.

When can your business be featured?

Each business can be featured once during a given month. Lets work together and grow the community of small businesses in the corridor. Comment to be featured, tag a friend that owns a corridor business, or share with your friends.