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Ask Your Iowa Newborn Photographer Questions

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Your Iowa newborn photographer should be able to answer a variety of questions and should be able to ask quite a few back to you. If your Iowa newborn photographer seems thrown off by any of these questions that may be a red flag. An experienced newborn photographer should be able to answer all of these with ease and should be expecting these questions. 

What Training Your Iowa Newborn Photographer Should Have

I am very passionate about training for newborn photographers. Your Iowa newborn photographer should be trained in multiple things, but infant CPR is a non-negotiable for me. Every professional photographer should be CPR trained, and every newborn photographer should be infant CPR trained as well. Your Iowa newborn photographer should also have taken newborn safety classes prior to handling newborns in precarious positions, such as buckets or froggy. Your Iowa newborn photographer needs to have a fundamental understanding of what safety measures need to be taken when having newborn babies in various positions. If done properly, there is no risk to the baby, if done improperly there can be a great risk. For the safety of your newborn, do not let your Iowa newborn photographer leave the baby unattended while in any unsafe positions, or near the edge of their posing mechanism.

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Your Iowa Newborn Photographer’s Menotor

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All Iowa newborn photographers should have had formal training before they start charging for their work. I am not above this, I have done numerous online classes, as well as in person mentoring sessions and workshops. I strongly believe that newborn photographers should undergo mentoring to be shown posing safety before they start taking on their own clients. Your Iowa newborn photographer may have mentored in paid sessions, or may have assisted a seasoned newborn  photographer. Either option gives your Iowa newborn photographer a lot of quality hands on experience! The best photographers are ones that know to continue their training and continue their education. Evert professional needs to look at the best in the business, the emerging leaders, and push themselves to grow in the industry.