Ali Kerr’s Exclusive Cedar Rapids Child Photography Session | The Expression Session


Image contains a baby looking up at the title Cedar Rapids Child Photography

Cedar Rapids Child Photography Artist Ali Kerr offers a unique session known as an expression session. Ali has been working with newborns, children, and families in the corridor for over five years. Throughout this time Ali has crafted a unique style and has developed some beautiful images. She has even developed a new session she deems the expression session. These images of your child are taken in a very specific and uniform way to ensure that you can not only capture the unique expressions of your child, but also watch them grow! These images are perfect for a number of things. Keep reading to find out what your family can use this session for or if you want to incorporate expression photos into your Cedar Rapids child photography session. 

Custom Images and Sessions | Cedar Rapids Child Photography

This image shows a newborn smiling. Photograph taken by Cedar Rapids child photographer Ali Kerr
Image showcases the change in six months for a baby

The above images show a newborn’s expression photos taken during their newborn photography session next to the same child’s six month photo session. Ali creates images like this at most of her newborn, three month, six month, and one year sessions. These images are timeless and will always fit in with any of the decor in your home. These images capture the raw unfiltered personality of your child. These images freeze time and allow you to travel back to that moment. These portraits serve as memories that will last you a lifetime. As a parent, you can watch your child’s personality unfold as they grow with these photos. Don’t delay, book a consultation for your child’s expression session today!

Watch Me Grow

Pictured is a newborn baby sticking his tongue out. This is an example of an expression photo.

 These are easily my favorite child photography sessions. You are able to watch your child grow through the first year of their life. As your newborn grows, they will start reaching new milestones such as sitting, crawling, walking, and talking. Those milestones are great, but Ali’s favorite milestones are the personality driven milestones. She loves being able to see a baby recognize the face of their parents, smile, become shy, and watch their personalities develop. It brings photographers so much joy to be able to see their little clients grow up. Capturing those fleeting memories for parents is what drives Ali to do these different newborn, family, and child photography sessions. Ali’s expression sessions are just perfect for capturing these social milestones. These sessions can be done separately from a regular session, or they can be done during your session. This is one of my most popular requested photos for birth announcement cards as well as first birthday cards. 

Love it, Share it, Send it

Image is a sample of a custom birth announcement for a newborn by Cedar Rapids Child Photography Studio Ali Kerr Photogrpaphy

Pictured above is a sample of a newborn announcement card. Ali offers custom card design. Common cards are birth announcements, first year announcement, birthday cards, and holiday cards. Expression sessions tend to be the most popular photo for birth announcement cards. 

Grow baby, Grow!

The image above showcases an expression session done for the first six months of a child’s life. Do you see just how much a child changes between birth and six months? Children develop and grow so quickly in the first few years of their life. Growing quickly is one of the main reasons Ali became a Cedar Rapids child photography studio. Ali has grown to incorporate these images regularly into her studio session workflow. Expression images tend to be the thing that parents don’t know they want until they see it. 

Never Too Old

Image shows a young child smiling. This is an example image of an expression image
Image shows a young girl smiling during her expression session by Cedar Rapids Child Photographer Ali
Image shows a young child smiling. This is an example of an older expression session

These expression sessions are not just for your child’s first year. These can be done anytime throughout your child’s life. These little sessions are just perfect for capturing the essence of their personality. This is the perfect little session, or addition to your session to allow their true spirit to show! It is so entertaining to see all their little expressions come out, and love watching parent’s reactions when looking through their expression images recognizing each look. 

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