How to get your significant other excited for newborn photos | This Cedar Rapids Newborn Photographer ‘s secrets

I have been photographing newborns in Cedar Rapids for many years now. There are so many talented Cedar Rapids Newborn Photographer s, and their talent pushes me to compete. One of the biggest concerns brought up tends to be reluctant dad’s. Have no fear, I have some great tricks to get dad excited about these photos. My sessions are as quick, comfortable, and as relaxed as I can make them. I always ensure my clients are happy and comfortable during the sessions. I have a carefully designed a relaxed environment and I encourage parents to treat this as some time to take a break from the craziness of newborn life and let someone else take care of your newborn.

Image showing a baby being held by her father at chest level. The newborn's mother is leaning in to give her a kiss on the cheek.

During your session I encourage parents to watch some TV, give the big sister or brother some one on one time, spend some time on social media, or anything that is relaxing to you. I have even had a few parents take a quick power nap during their newborn’s session! My running joke is, “This is your first time having a baby sitter and you should enjoy it.” My studio contains numerous props that showcase each family’s unique style. Let’s take a look at some below. 


For the Sports Fans

The image shows a newborn baby swaddled holding a Cubs bear.

I know how important sports can be to incorporate into your newborn photography session. Being a Cedar Rapids newborn photographer, I am well prepared for sports fans from all over. Iowa is a very unique place, we have some strong loyalties to collegiate teams as well as professional teams. I have a wide variety of sports memorabilia and am always happy to guide clients with what to bring in for their sports team. If you ask ahead of time, I am always able to get something that seamlessly incorporates into your session, but sneaks in a little bit of your personality.

For the Movie Buffs

Image take by Cedar Rapids newborn photographer, Ali Kerr. The image is of a newborn baby swaddled and wearing a bonnet
These types of parents always push my creativity to it’s max – and I love it! I adore incorporating different things from popular culture into sessions for parents that have strong attachments to these items. My most recent addition is a Grogu (aka The Child or Baby Yoda) style bonnet. My clients are loving this newborn bonnet just as much as I am! Take a look at this baby in action. I try to sneak in little hints of your favorite movies, series, and video games. The studio contains special newborn props that include, cameras, video game controllers, and other tasteful little items that I sneak in ever so subtly, as to keep both parents satisfied with their newborn images. We will spend part of your consultation setting things up, prior to your newborn session, and each of you will get a say as to what goes into each image. 

For the Camera Shy Parent(s)

                                  This image shows a swaddled baby being held by his dad's hands. Image take by Cedar Rapids newborn photographer, Ali Kerr. This image shows a father holding his daughter after she has fallen asleep in his arms. Image take by Cedar Rapids newborn photographer, Ali Kerr.
Being a Cedar Rapids newborn photographer has some challenges, one of these challenges seems to be parents not wanting to be in newborn photos initially. Parents are not required to be in any photos if they truly do not want to be, however, I do request that we utilize their hands in some. Throughout the years I have found a lot of midwest parents tend to be a little more camera shy – that’s okay. I will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Regardless if a parent is in the photo or not, I promise your newborn’s little details will be documented in a special way.

For the Parents with a Special Bond


This image shows a father holding his daughter after she has fallen asleep in his arms. Image take by Cedar Rapids newborn photographer, Ali Kerr.
These special moments are my favorite to capture. Have your ever seen a newborn photographer’s photos that you can feel the love radiating  out of the photo? It is photos like the one pictured here. These photos are why I decided to become a Cedar Rapids newborn photographer. This image, while not perfectly posed was actually a candid moment turned into a precious memory. This baby girl was a bit fussy and her dad has a special way with his little newborn. He got her to fall asleep walking around for a little bit just like this. Parent poses had already been done, but this moment just had to be documented. I love when these moments occur during newborn sessions. While I strive for perfectly posed images, there’s nothing better than a capturing a special moment showcasing a parent’s special bond with their newborn .

For the Overseas Parent

The images shows a newborn baby holding his father's dog tags in remembrance. Image take by Cedar Rapids newborn photographer, Ali Kerr.

There are many military parents in the Cedar Rapids area looking for a newborn photographer. I am honored you are considering me to capture these special memories for you. I have had military parents that are still overseas while their spouse or loved one is caring for their newborn in for photography sessions. Being overseas and missing such special moments is just unimaginable. You are truly making the ultimate sacrifice for this country and I appreciate your service. We will honor you and your service in every way possible! I have some great props, as well as ideas to incorporate military parents that cannot be present at their newborn session in Cedar Rapids. You can see the example with parent’s dog tags, I have also utilized boots, uniforms,

For the Camera Loving Parent

A mother holding her newborn baby is pictured here. Image take by Cedar Rapids newborn photographer, Ali Kerr.
When you find one of these parents, please let me know! I have yet to have a parent come into a consultation and let me know they love taking photos and cannot wait to be in front of the camera. If this doesn’t seem like you, that’s okay – you are not alone! If you do happen to be one of these rare parents that love being in front of the camera, make me your Cedar Rapids newborn photographer – I cannot wait to work with you! Those of you that are not, I promise I will make you feel comfortable the entire time. Be open and honest with me and we will make your appearance short and sweet.
Your life is amazing. Each family has a unique story, let me document it for you. Search my site to find out what this Cedar Rapids newborn photographer can do for you. Let’s create beautiful images.
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