This sitter was all smiles for her milestone portrait session at the AKP studio in Cedar Rapids. She was just the happiest little six month old. Her photos really showcase her genuine smiles and bubbly personality. She is going to be quite the happy go lucky toddler when she gets older! These Coralville sitter photos were such a breeze beacuse of her easy going personality. 

Outfits for Coralville Baby Photos

Utilize my extensive client closet for your baby‘s milestone portrait session. I know it is so difficult to go shopping for photo sessions, so I want to ensure my clients have the cutest, up to date outfits for their sessions. You do not need to spend $80 on a dress your little one will wear once for a photo session. Let me take on the search for that perfect outfit. I will ensure the outfit matches the setup perfectly. 

Almost all of the outfits in my newborn baby to toddler collection are handmade by designers in the United States and Canada. They are all made with organic, natural fibers and should be safe for babies with sensitive skin. All of the outfits are hand washed after each Coralville baby’s use with Dreft detergent. 


Coralville baby photos

As you can see from the photo above, this Coralville baby was absolutely adorable and perfectly color coordinated. I love being able to match and coordinate all the colors flawlessly. Monochromatic colors just make everything look so much cleaner and brings a greater focus on baby rather than the background and distracting colors. I tend to utilize the monochromatic theme with more vibrant colors. Utlizing this tactic with vibrant colors allows for a clean look without always utilizing creams and light colors. Check out some more beautiful coralville baby photos below!

How to Get the Smiles during Coralville Baby Photos

Coralville baby smile image photo session

How on earth do you get all these Coralville babies to smile? This is something I get asked a lot! No, I don’t just luck out with the happiest babies in Coralville. Getting these genuine smiles and laughs is hard work sometimes. This little girl was probably one of the happiest babies in all of Coralville and was no stranger to the camera. Not all Coralville babies I get in the studio are this easy to photograph though! I act like a total goofball. The session always contains jumping, peekaboo, singing, dancing, rolling on the floor, funny noises, and help from some fun studio baby toys. Coralville baby photos are some of the most fun photography sessions I do. These sessions are always so fun and even the parents get a good chuckle out of my goofy nature at their baby’s photoshoot. If you aren’t getting  your Coralville baby photos, you might need to throw some music on, grab some puffs, and jump around!

How to Style Coralville Baby Photos

Styling your Coralville baby photos is almost as fun as taking the photos for me! I absolutely love being able to sit down with parents and figure out what their style is, what their home is like, and what they are looking for out of their Coralville baby photos. This is like one big puzzle for me. The challenge of figuring out what I have to match not only their style, but their home as well is quite a fun task. I tend to like to keep things monochromatic to maximize focus on your Coralville baby. Every once in a while, parents do not want this set up and would prefer elaborate backgrounds and themes which is another fun challenge for me. The more elements in a photo, the more difficult the puzzle becomes, which is always a nice task when it presents itself. I find this is most commonly requested for one year sessions. Your Coralville baby photos are going to be styled how ever you want them to be!

Coralville baby photoshoot images

Sometime Simple is Key for Coralville Baby Photos

Coralville baby crawling photos

Sometimes keeping it simple for your Coralville baby photos is the best way to document their true emotions. The simple setup allows for more focus on their expressions. The simple setups also can allow for a cleaner feel with dark or vibrant colors. I think simple setups also allow for more variety in your Coralville baby photos. We are able to take more photos of different setups if they are all simple.

Documenting Real Emotion in Coralville Baby Photos

Ensuring I document the true personality of my smallest clients is one of my favorite parts of taking Coralville baby photos. These little rambunctious, cuties are always full of emotion during their photo session. I adore all the unique facial expressions they make throughout their sessions. The non-traditional, non-smiling photos always tend to be my favorite from this age! Coralville baby photos are so much fun to take because you constantly have to try to keep them entertained. These Coralville baby photoshoots tend to be parent’s favorite images of their children from this stage of their life. I love documenting the genuine emotions, as it brings parent’s memories right back to this stage of their child’s life. Bringing you back to the memory of your child at this baby stage is what Coralville baby photos are all about. I want to preserve these precious moments for your family forever.

Coralville baby photo portrait session
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