When to Book With Your Iowa Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photograph by AKP North Liberty Photographer
Newborn Photograph by AKP North Liberty Photographer
Newborn Photograph by AKP North Liberty Photographer

Have you ever wondered how newborn photographers get such beautiful sleepy baby images? Your Iowa newborn photographer knows just the right time to get you in the studio to make those happy. My rule of thumb is that babies should be between the ages of five and twenty one days old. One to three weeks is the ideal time to take photos of your newborn, but these sessions take some time, so booking with your Iowa newborn photographer in advance is key to ensuring they have time to get you into the studio. 

When to Find Your Iowa Newborn Photographer

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One of the most common questions I hear is, “When should I start looking for a photographer?” The answer, book your Iowa newborn photographer as soon as you can. There are very limited openings that Iowa newborn photographers have. Theses sessions are very time consuming and take a lot of time to edit. We want to ensure you 

Why before three weeks? | Ali Kerr, Iowa Newborn Photographer Explains

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Why do Iowa newborn photographer s  say your newborn should come in the studio between five days and twenty one days? We want to be able to deliver images like this one above. We want to deliver the images of your newborn’s tiny features that change ever so quickly! These newborns can sometimes take quite a bit of convincing to get to sleep, especially as they get older. Having babies that sleep a lot helps Iowa newborn photographer s achieve these images. We also want to ensure that your baby is safe in these positions. As your newborn gets older, they wake more easily. If you want certain poses they need to be in a deep sleep. During the first few days of your newborn’s life is the best time to get these images safely. Always make sure your Iowa newborn photographer has had proper safety training and can handle poses such as the one above. See our blog post on newborn safety for more information

Oh No, I forgot! | What to do if You Forget to Book Your Iowa Newborn Photographer

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If you are reading this and you recently gave birth, but do not have an Iowa newborn photographer booked yet, do not worry! We will find someone for you, or I will squeeze you in. I try to under book myself by at least one session a month just in case this happens. We will get you in. If you have decided you want newborn photos and your little one is already a month or two old, don’t worry! We can get some beautiful images still.

What your Iowa Newborn Photographer Should do for a Preemie

Preemies have a special place in my heart. I have two, not so little anymore, preemies. I absolutely adore getting these tiny babies in the studio. I have had newborns anywhere from four to twelve pounds. I know how to pose them all. One of the most special thing is capturing how tiny these preemies are. This little peanut pictured was a month old, and still almost fit in one of dad’s hands! These sessions are by far my favorite. I also happily visit the NICU for fresh 48 sessions.

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No Excuses | This Iowa Newborn Photographer ‘s Preemie


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Cedar Rapids Newborn Baby
Baby Cedar Rapids Newborn

Above you can see three images of a sleepy baby in newborn poses. This is my preemie at three weeks, four months, and eight months. There are NO excuses in this Iowa newborn photographer ‘s book. If I can get an 8 month old to pose in these sleepy positions, your three month old preemie is not a problem for this Iowa newborn photographer! Read more about my story with my preemie’s photos here.

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